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The American Heart Association (AHA) is now issuing eCards, electronic certification cards
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Does your office staff know how to perform CPR? Do they have certifications from the American Heart Association? Are your resort or hotel employees up-to-date with their CPR certifications? Does anyone in your office have a certification expired and in need of CPR renewal training?

Space Coast Life Saverz can provide corporate or group training at your facility or office. This is a cost and time effective way to keep your employees or staff up-to-date with CPR, AED and First Aid techniques and certification.

Contact us today and arrange for on-site training. We make it a great experience...and it might save someone's life.


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American Heart Association (AHA) or American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) for CPR Training and Certification

The two most well known organizations are the American Heart Association and the American Safety and Health Institute and. If a CPR certification is required for your business or profession, both ASHI and AHA are accepted nationally. Both offer the same course guidelines and are good for 2 years.

What Is AHA CPR Training?
The American Heart Association (AHA) training is the most widely known. AHA is the leading provider of CPR education and continues to conduct research in CPR/AED/First Aid.

The AHA offers CPR courses for all needs, both professional certifications and educational course for the average citizen who desired to be proficient in administering CPR, use of an AED and first aid techniques. AHA is the major certification for the healthcare industry, and many, hospitals and other health related facilities will not accept a required healthcare certification that is not from the AHA.

What Is ASHI CPR Training?
The American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI), is the "new kid on the block", but is an increasingly more popularity choice for CPR training.

ASHI CPR, AED and First Aid training programs are accepted, approved, or recognized as an industry credential meeting the requirements of state regulatory agencies, occupational licensing boards and national associations. These include, the US Coast Guard, the Child Care industry, OSHA, Youth organizations, most any organization outside the Healthcare industry.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to finding a CPR course provider, here are some of the factors that you should consider:

Instructors: Does a CPR training provider employ emergency medical technicians (EMTs), firefighters, nurses and other healthcare and medical professionals as instructors?

Class Schedule: Does a CPR course provider offer classes at different times throughout the week to ensure that you won’t have to revamp your day-to-day schedule to earn your CPR certification?

Reputation: Does a CPR class provider boast a proven reputation?

Cost: Does a CPR course provider offer classes that will enable you to become CPR-certified without the risk of overspending?

If you are in healthcare, go with American Heart CPR.

Any other profession? ASHI is your best bet.

So if you have the choice between the American Heart Association and the ASHI CPR class, which one should you choose? The answer lies in what type of training you need.

Although the ASHI classes are gaining popularity, the healthcare CPR market is dominated by the American Heart Association. So, until hospitals realize that ASHI CPR classes are equivalent to those of the AHA, it is best to stick with the AHA BLS for Healthcare Provider Course.

For all other CPR courses, the American Safety and Health Institute will satisfy the requirements. Better yet, the ASHI classes are usually less expensive than those of the AHA.

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