Satellite Beach, Florida Fire Department

I would like to offer my sincere appreciation to each of you for the great service you have provided to our organization. It has now been almost two years since I decided to enter into a contract for your services in order to provide consistent and effective CPR education for our community members. While I was initially hesitant due to the fact our own personnel had been solely responsible for delivering CPR education within the community for many years, I also recognized our mission was changing and the needs of the community in respect to the frequency of quality CPR education were increasing. Since your company has been providing this invaluable education, we have been able to offer our constituents more CPR courses than ever before and your flexibility has allowed us to make CPR training available to persons who would otherwise not be able to attend one of our regularly sponsored CPR courses.

I have received many positive comments from some of your CPR “students”. The recurring comment is, “professional, motivating and fun”. Without your service we would not be able to offer CPR education to everyone who requires it for their job status or those who simply want to have the training and education in order to help someone in need. Also our organization is now in a better position to utilize our limited personnel resources more effectively in other areas of operation.

Again, thank you for a great job. The service you provide to our community is invaluable and you have made me realize my decision to sign that first contract was absolutely a good choice. Keep up the good work, as CPR education can be a life-changing event for someone in cardiac arrest.


Daniel H. Rocque
Fire Chief