Space Coast Life Saverz & AHA E-Cards

You have completed your training, great! The American Heart Association now offers eCards for certification, these are digital cards that can be accessed at any time. No need to reprint lost or damaged cards, and you will have access to all of your training records in one convenient (and shareable) location.

How to Get Your AHA eCard?

After you have been assigned an eCard, you will first receive an email from (sample below) inviting you to claim your eCard online. You can also claim your eCard at any time by visiting the AHA eCards site at

Simply enter your first and last name and email address, or the eCard code found on your eCard. Your employer can verify your eCard at to confirm issuance by a valid Training Center and Instructor aligned with that Training Center.

From the email, click on "Click here to claim your eCard". The Student Profile webpage will display:


The Student Profile page is pre-populated with the the following non-editable information:

eCard Code     Instructor Info    Training Center Info    First Name   Last Name     Email Address

The phone number is optional and can be edited. You must then set up a security question and answer (case-sensitive) that you will use to access your eCard Profile in the future. You must agree to the Terms of Use for the website. To view the Terms of Use, click the hyperlink “Terms of Use.”

Once you agree to the Terms of Use and click Submit, the system will display the Rate Your AHA Class page.  Click on the answer of choice for each section. You can skip the questions if desired.

Your eCard will then be displayed on the webpage (sample shown below).

From here you may:

Print a Full Size card - Opens a full-size .pdf which can be printed or emailed
Print a Wallet Size - Opens a wallet-sized .pdf which can be printed or emailed


Clicking on "Email Cards will allow you to directoy email your certiifcation information to an employer, certification board, or anyone else you choose.

From the eCard page, you can also click the "My eCards" link to view your eCard Profile page.

All future eCards earned will be displayed on this page.